If you have any questions or just want to chat, stop by during our office hours posted on the door of Weimer G211 or email ufprssa@gmail.com to set up a meeting!

Executive Board

Nicole Graney, President: ngraney.prssa@gmail.com

Jordan McCrary, Vice President: jmccrary.prssa@gmail.com

Aleks Karczmiarz, Managing Director of Alpha PRoductions: akarczmiarz.alpha@gmail.com

Andrea Mora, Treasurer: amora.prssa@gmail.com

Macey Wilson, Vice President of Public Relations: mwilson.prssa@gmail.com

Madison Behm, Vice President of Programming: mbehm.prssa@gmail.com

Zulie Mederos, Vice President of Member Services: zmederos.prssa@gmail.com

Jamie Honowitz, Vice President of Chapter Development: jhonowitz.prssa@gmail.com

Hannah Ross, Assistant Managing Director of Alpha PRoductions: hross.alpha@gmail.com

Demi Wolfe, Vice President of Career Services (PRSSA National): dwolfe.prssa@gmail.com

Nick Goebel, Southeastern Regional Ambassador (PRSSA National): ngoebel84@gmail.com

To contact the editor of this website, please email ufprssa@gmail.com.