Summer adventure

Fun, Fear and Falafel: A Summer Adventure in NYC

By Elizabeth Boone Living in New York has been exhilarating. The stakes are high, the people are intense, and, sometimes, you just want a pool and your puppy.

But you have to keep going. As is so in ANY place or profession!

Manhattan Theatre Club

New York Manhattan Theatre 2014 Public Relations Interns

My experience interning in marketing with Manhattan Theatre Club has an incredible a non-stop adventure with new things every single day. The job varies depending on the department’s needs, but I usually work with tickets, advertising and customer relations with audience members. On top of this, I also help run a private lounge where major donors visit before the shows. In my spare time, I like to explore the city with friends, and, on rare occasion, sleep in.

PR Lessons

Specific to public relations, I've learned so much about networking and social media for theater. Networking is truly what makes the world go around and what can absolutely give you your next job! In terms of marketing, social media is used to engage our audiences and fans, and is an excellent tool for building good relationships.

Fantastic Fun

I make it a point to see/do/visit everything I can. I've tried amazing foods (Get falafel from a food truck. You won’t regret it.), drinks (can be expensive unless you know where to go…), and seen some killer shows (A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder won four Tony Awards for a reason!) AND all within a budget: I just made sure to do my research!

Big Picture

Overall, working here has been an overwhelmingly amazing learning and living experience. I recommend it to all who have any inclination to work here. See for yourself what the environment is like before committing for good because you’ll never know what you’ll learn.

I can’t wait to return one more year as an even more experienced Gator!

Elizabeth Boone is a rising senior studying Public Relations and Theatre at the University of Florida and is a member of the Online Strategy Committee at the University of Florida.